The girl, who was entangled in a kite and flew in the air, miraculously survived

The hobby of kite flying is found in different ways in almost all the countries of the world and everyone enjoys it but sometimes this hobby also becomes expensive and leads to loss of precious lives.

Something similar happened in Taiwan where a 3-year-old girl was seen flying high in the air with a kite during a kite-flying festival. Fortunately, she was rescued.

According to a report by the British news agency ‘Reuters’, the video footage that went viral on social media showed the girl flying at an altitude of 100 feet (30 meters) in a heartbreaking manner due to being entangled in the tail of a kite.

Frightened by the kite-flying girl flying in the air, the festival participants started screaming, where she was helpless as she swayed in the strong wind with the kite’s long orange tail.

About 30 seconds after flying high in the air, the mob pulled the kite back under control and pulled the girl back to the ground.

Local news reports only identified the girl from Sir Nim Lane and said that surprisingly the girl suffered minor injuries.

However, due to the impending tragedy, the organizers were forced to shorten the festival in the northwestern city of Hsinchu, Taiwan.

A Hansencho city government official told the media that a sudden gust of wind caused the kite’s tail to wrap around the girl’s waist.

It is believed that the area of ​​Hasencho is known for its strong winds and that is why this place was chosen for the kite flying festival.

The video of the accident was shared on social media by the festival participants which has been watched by millions of people.

CNN’s report , according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, she was immediately sacked employees with the mother and hospital administration staff, but miraculously they Festival minor injuries on his face and neck.

The girl has been discharged from the hospital and is now at home.

On the other hand, in a statement issued on Facebook, Mayor Chi Chen apologized for the accident and said that the festival was immediately suspended due to the safety of the participants.

“We will review the situation to prevent such accidents and hold those responsible accountable,” he said.

According to CNN, the wind at the festival site yesterday was unusually strong and was moving at a speed of 32 to 81 miles per hour (50 to 61 kilometers per hour).