The latest news for executives

The latest news for executives

The latest news for executives

CompuServe’s Executive News Service (GO ENS) is a clipping service that monitors the Associated Press, the Washington Post, United Press Interna-tional, Dow Jones, Deutsch Presse-Agentur, Reuters, and other news wires for current stories. ENS is updated hourly, and is perhaps the best place to look for general and business news.

You can use ENS in any of three ways:

  • Search for news on specific companies by clicking the Articles button, selecting the Search tab, choosing News by Company Ticker, and then entering the company’s ticker listing (see Fig. 14.4). When you click Search, you’re presented with a list of recent stories about the company you’ve selected.
The latest news for executives


GO LOOKUP to find company ticker listings.

  • Browse ENS for specific stories by clicking the Articles button, select­ing the Search tab, choosing Current News, choosing a service (or services), and then clicking Search. You are then presented with a list of current stories from that service. You can preview the first few lines of a story, get the story to read online, or mark the story for later down­loading.
  • Clip specific stories to electronic folders. You can designate folders to
    hold news articles that meet such criteria as content and date range.

News that means business

CompuServe offers more interesting news services for business people. For example, you might want to check out one or more of the following:

  • ADP AdDP ADP Global Report (GO GLOREP): Up-to-the-minute news and financial information from sources around the world. (Note: This

The low-down on clipping

Clipping news stories sounds complicated, but it’s really a great way to read only the news that interests you. You can create a folder by clicking the Articles button, selecting the Create Folder tab, and clicking the New icon. When the Define Personal Folder dialog box appears, select the services you want to monitor and enter keywords (the topics you want to read about) in the Clipping terms fields. In the Expiration dates field, specify the number of days clippings should be held, and then enter the date you want your folder to expire. Give the folder a name and click OK.

When you want to view the contents of your folder, just click the Articles button, select the Read tab, and choose the folder from the list. You see a list of stories that match the criteria

you established; you can either read the stories online or mark them for later downloading.

Using ENS’ personal folders is the closest thing to creating a personal newspaper devoted only to topics that interest you. I recommend folders for anyone who needs the news to be focused, easily accessible, and in one place. To create your own personalized newspaper with stories culled from all of CompuServe’s news services (not just ENS), consider a Windows-based software program called Journalist. Journalist automatically roams CompuServe’s news services looking for the types of stories you pre-set and then assembles them in a desktop-published, ready-to-print newspaper. (You can order Journalist by calling Pointcast Software Corpora­tion at 1-800-548-2203.)

is a pricey, customized service—up to $60/hour during prime access hours!)

  • NewsGrid (GO NEWSGRID): A service similar to AP Online, but with more of a business focus.
  • PR Newswire (GO PRNEWS): A compendium of press releases updated daily.
  • The Business Wire (GO TBW): Various press releases, news articles, and other business information updated hourly.

Even with this wide assortment of services, I prefer to use the Executive New Service. It can’t be beat for detailed, current business news.