The role of the inner page in website optimization

website optimization

The role of the inner page in website optimization
website optimization

Optimization of column pages In fact, optimizing column pages is relatively easy when the optimization of the home page is complete. Regarding the optimization of the column page, we mainly share it with you in three aspects.

The design direction of the website section. It mainly includes the following three aspects:

  1. Direction of development. Regarding the direction of development, it mainly means that our SEOER should carry out related work according to the position of the column.
  2. For example, column pages exist as columns, so the development direction is treated as the direction of the column. If you use a column page as a product display column for comprehensive product information, you will consider the direction of the overall direction of the site.
  3.  design direction. Regarding the design direction, the key point is to firmly grasp the positioning of the keywords, and follow the extension of the keywords, according to the established keywords.
  4.  optimize the direction. Regarding the optimization direction, different types of site optimization directions are different. For example, in a corporate site, the long tail keyword should be used in this column as this will affect subsequent development of the site. If it is a portal, it is recommended to upgrade the optimization direction to the optimization of the home page.

Column optimization:

Mainly includes header, page design, inner chain, outer chain and so on.

1. The design of the website title. In the title, you can include keywords, titles, and related descriptions. If you consider it from the perspective of the site viewer, you can only make an accurate title during the design process, let the search engine automatically crawl, and then automatically display it.

2, page design. First, the page design must achieve graphics and sound effects. Second, the page content is original. If you have video content, make sure to play it smoothly. In addition, we can add some plugins for sharing classes and more. Through these means, the page content can also be enriched.

3. Control the inner chain. For SMEs, the SEO Forum has no less than 10 recommendations and no more than 20 recommendations. Specifically, you can refer to the link layout of Baidu Encyclopedia.

4, control the friend chain. With regard to the friendship chain, you can link to industry-related websites with a controlled amount.

The structural design of some pages:

Regarding structural design, it is mainly divided into single pages and portals.

1, single page. When making a one-page design, highlight the main content and associate related pages. In the design method, you can use two columns, mainly one column, and add one column.

2, the portal class. It is recommended that such sites be consistent with the homepage style and can be fine-tuned with different design templates.