The story of 9-year-old surfer Venus Baloch

This confident looking little surfer would not have guessed that his pictures would go viral so fast. On social media, she has been described as a 9-year-old Baloch girl who is keen on surfing.

Although Venus Baloch is 9 and a half years old, contrary to popular belief, she is not from Pakistan. Venice belongs to the city of Chah-e-Bihar on the Pak-Iran border. Some of his relatives live in Pakistan, which gave him the opportunity to visit Gwadar, Panjgur and Turbat in Balochistan.

In these photos, she is seen surfing on the Ramin beach in Chah-e-Bihar. However, she says that the beach of Gwadar is very good in terms of surfing, although she has not surfed on this beach yet, but she intends to do so in the future.

Venice is the youngest student at the Ocean Surf School in Iran. Venice only knows how to speak Balochi and Persian. “I started surfing at the age of eight,” she says. I still remember the first time I surfed. It was a delicious experience. You move on the surface of the water. I was a little scared at first but surfing was such an interesting activity that my fear disappeared.

Surfing may be a new thing for them but their love for the sea is very old. “I love the sea,” she says. I have been coming to the beach with my father since I was very young.

“My parents and uncle are great surfers, so the world of surfing didn’t feel too difficult,” she added.

Venice’s father also holds an international coaching degree. He has twice finished fifth in his country’s national sports competitions. The school where Venus is training to run is run by her father, Abdul Rehman Baloch. “In a way, we are the ones who laid the foundation for surfing in Iran,” he says. It’s been almost 10 years since we’ve been in the surfing industry.

“Iran has changed a lot,” he said. “People often ask a lot of questions about me and my wife and daughter being surfers, but the thinking of the people here has changed a lot and we are attracting other girls to surf too.”

“Yes, women need to cover themselves properly because there are restrictions, and my wife takes special care of that,” she said. But as far as Venice is concerned, it is still quite small. After a few years, he will have to wear a hijab costume while surfing. There is no ban on women’s sports here but hijab has been made mandatory.

Venus wants to be a world class surfer when she grows up. “I have a good grip on surfing,” said the young surfer about his future plans. Soon I will try to participate in regional and national level tournaments.

When asked if they ever encountered any danger while surfing? So she replied that once she was badly injured and that day luck was with her. “Once a big broken wave, also called white water, came towards me and suddenly swallowed me, after which it turned me around as if I were spinning in a washing machine,” she says. The wave held me back. I kept trying and luckily I managed to get myself up but it was a scary experience.

“I’m glad my pictures got people’s attention because not many people knew me before as much as they do today,” she said of her viral photos. My surfing is becoming my reason for fame.