Three points about the search engine’s inclusion of news sources

For some of the latest real-time highlights, as well as news, we can all see it in search engines. This is a news source for some large portals. Usually, Baidu contains large portals. News sources, or your own products, such as hundred. However, some corporate websites also want to optimize your company’s news source and use it to get traffic. If you want to optimize it, if this news source has been included, this Yuyun small station will inform you to search the engine including news sources. Four key points.

One: content quality requirements

There is no doubt that it is necessary to re-emphasize that if your information website can beat the product on time to compete to compensate for Baidu’s flaws within the content coverage, while also providing professional and user experience, you are the source of news sources.

Second: news attributes

Reviewers receive many requests to join each day. Much of the content is very good in quality, but it doesn’t meet the news source requirements for news properties. This is also impossible.

Three: site type and granularity

Baidu news feeds are quickly included at the channel and directory level. Traditional media, integrated portals, government agencies, vertical industries, local portals and media. These five types of websites are the target websites of Baidu news sources. Each type of site has a priority channel or directory and a channel or directory that is not included or included.