Travel the Internet for more resources

Travel the Internet for more resources

Travel the Internet for more resources

Travel the Internet for more resources

CompuServe probably has all of the travel information and services you’ll need, but it’s still worth checking the Internet to see if there’s anything of interest there.

To begin with, several newsgroups (GO USENET) are devoted to travel issues. Those include,,,,,, and Use these to connect with other travelers who share your interests.

You’ll also find many Web sites of interest when you’re planning a trip. Check out the following sites:

Airlines of the Web ( has links to all major U.S. and international airlines.

Air Traveler’s Handbook ( user/mkant/Publicaravel/airfare.html) is a great site for air travelĀ­ers, with basic info and links to a lot of other air travel resources on the Net.

BizTravel ( is a good site for busiĀ­ness travelers.

City.Net ( provides a comprehensive guide to cities around the world, with lots and lots and lots of hotlinks!

GNN Travel Resource Center (httpi/ index.html) is one of the Web’s premier travel-related sites.

Subway Navigator ( is a unique site that displays routes of subway systems in cities around the world.

Travel Weekly ( offers up-to-the-minute travel news.

TravelData Guide to Bed & Breakfast Inns (

biz/inns/) lists thousands of bed & breakfast inns across America.

Travelocity (http://www.travelocity.com0 is a first-class site that lets you make airline, hotel, and auto reservations.

TravelWeb ( provides information and reservations for most major hotel chains.

USA CityLink Project (httpi/ lists Web pages for selected U.S. cities and states.

Virtual Tourist II ( is a map-based interface to City.Net; this one is highly recommended!

Gee whiz! With all this travel information available, why would you want to stay home?

Travel the Internet Travel the Internet