Unique ‘internship’ to earn money by sleeping

Unique ‘internship’ to earn money by sleeping

By the way, people all over the world spend millions of rupees to get a good night’s sleep and build eco-friendly houses with comfortable beds, however, some people still do not get a good night’s sleep.

In contrast, there are some people around the world who do not need a comfortable bed or an eco-friendly home to sleep in, they fall asleep standing or sitting anywhere.

People who sleep all the time want to find a job in which they can sleep and get paid.

And for such 4 Foam & Bed Company has announced a unique internship, which can be applied by people from all over the world who believe they can sleep longer.

Yes, WakeFit, a company based in Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, has announced a unique internship to make money by sleeping.

According to the Indian broadcaster Times Now, the company had launched this unique internship last year and this year the company announced the internship again.

It is very easy to apply for an internship to earn money by sleeping. The company has provided an online form on its website, after which anyone can apply for an internship.

The company did not specify whether it selects foreigners for internships, but said foreigners had also applied for previous internships.

The company does not impose any age, education or profession restrictions for the world’s unique internship, however, the company’s only condition is that only those who are interested in sleeping for a long time and can prove that they can apply for the internship. Sleep is their top priority.

While the internship was announced by the company on its website, it was also advertised on social media and the company also released a video in this regard.

According to the company, it received 170,000 applications for sleep internships from around the world last year, of which only 100 candidates were shortlisted through various stages.

The 100 shortlisted candidates were also tested for the Bangalore Blocker Gold, after which only 23 candidates were selected for the internship in the final round.

According to Times Now, the selected interns will have to sleep 9 hours a day for 100 days and will get Rs 100,000 for a good night’s sleep.