Using Worldspan Travelshopper

Worldspan Travelshopper is a reservation system like eaasy SABRE. It is jointly owned by TWA, Northwest Airlines, and Delta. As you can with eaasySABRE, you can use Travelshopper to make reservations on any major airline and to make hotel and car rental reservations.

To access Travelshopper, GO WORLDCIM. From there, Travelshopper operates almost exactly the same as eaasySABRE does. You proceed by entering a variety of options, and you end up with an Itinerary screen (just like you did with eaasySABRE).

With Travelshopper, however, you need to make your hotel and car rental reservations separately from your flight reservations. They don’t all feed into the same itinerary, like they do in eaasySABRE. For this reason, I prefer eaasySABRE to Travelshopper. Even though the results are the same, it’s easier to do it all from one screen in CompuServe.)

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Using the United Connection

The newest kid on the block—in terms of airline reservations, anyway—is the United Connection (GO UNITED). Run by (surprise!) United Airlines, it’s available only to members of their Mileage Plus plan. (Don’t worry, you can enroll online if you want to, and enrollment is free.)

When you plan a trip, you can choose to pick flights based on prices or schedules. You can also make car rental and hotel reservations. Once you get into the system, it works pretty much the same as eaasySABRE and Travelshopper. Although it defaults to United flights (as you might guess), it does list flights from all airlines.

When should you use the United Connection? If you’re a Mileage Plus member and you like to fly United, this should be your system of choice. Otherwise, I’d stick with eaasySABRE.

Using the Official Airline Guide system

The Official Airline Guide (GO OAG) is the oldest travel service on CompuServe. As such, it’s a bit archaic in its mode of operation. For ex­ample, no graphical interface is available; instead, you have to do everything in terminal mode and master some obscure commands and abbreviations.

In addition, OAG costs you money to use (it’s an extended service)—unlike eaasySABRE, Travelshopper, and the United Connection, which are free. So unless you just have a hankering to use OAG, I recommend that you stick with eaasySABRE.

It’s important to note, however, that one reason OAG charges a fee is that it offers more options than either of the other services. For example, you can find out which in-flight movies will be shown on your trip, and you can make cruise ship reservations, as well as airline reservations.


My advice? If you don’t need the additional information and services, and if you’re not a travel professional, skip OAG and use eaasySABRE instead.

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