Waterproof your home

Some areas of the country are still waiting for the rain to fall, while in others, it doesn’t feel like the summer fun has really begun because of all the grey skies and rain-soaked days. Sounds poetic (if we dare say so ourselves) but the chaps without rain are suffering and the 1s who haven’t been able to do a load of washing in a while are starting to smell a bit ripe.

Hint: Buy. Fresh. Undies.

Of course, if you’re part of the crowd experiencing rain, then you’re obvs reminding yourself to be grateful because drought conditions are tough. To help you maintain your #Blessed state of heart and protect what you love from rain damage, we’ve gathered a few tips. To save you some time, we’ll cut to the chase right now and tell you that having the king’s royally comprehensive buildings and home contents insurance in place is crucial. It’s the silver lining that helps you recover your sense of humour (and financial losses) when the storm clouds gather and plough through your lounge window.

Let’s get on to the ways to waterproof your home from rain damage.

Clean your gutters

This is very much the time to put your mind firmly in the gutter, if only to make sure that there’s no back-up of fallen leaves and other debris which can cause serious damage. Oh, and while you’re tending to your gutters, please make sure that they are securely fixed to the wall and roof.

Secure and clear your downspouts

No, that isn’t a euphemism (seriously, we already dealt with minds in the gutter guys). You really do need to ensure that your downspouts are securely fixed and pointing away from your home. Why? Well, if rainwater is constantly led back towards your house, it’ll weaken your walls and foundation. And that just isn’t good for the whole reason why you’d choose to live under shelter.

Is your roof on top of its game?

Did you know that many home insurance claims that are related to water damage are caused by issues with the property’s roof? Yup. We tend to forget that it’s there until there’s a leak, so rather just set a standing appointment with your roof guy to come and inspect the all-important covering of your house at least twice a year. Or, just call the guy as soon as you spot broken, loose, or misaligned tiles and damaged fascia boards.

Mind the gaps… and the cracks

Spotted a few interior cracks? We suggest that you fix these as soon as possible, especially if you see them forming in the bathroom. The reason for the urgency is because the water that can collect in cracks and behind broken bathroom tiles could actually damage the structure of your home. Let’s say there’s a big storm that wreaks havoc on your property. If there’s a load of rot, mildew, and water that’s weakened the structure of your building, then the storm could result in scarily major damage. The kind that costs more than what you make in several months combined.

We feel like this is such an important tip to tell you about because our royal cover, like most home insurance policies in the world, tends to cover accidental or sudden damage and not damage that’s caused by your own negligence.

Care for your drains

Oil, fats and grease solidify and clog up your pipes, which means that when your drainage system is under pressure from a storm, you could get a heap of nasty stuff bubbling back into your home, causing all kinds of gross damage that you’ll need to deal with. Because fats and oils are difficult to remove, you might have to get the professionals in… And that could get expensive. The moral of the story is to use your brain when you put stuff down your drain.

Let the king help you out

Guys, we looked into it. We can’t control the weather. It was a sobering moment, but instead of moaning about how we can decrease premiums (which no 1 else seems to be able to do) but we can’t control the rainfall, we looked into how we could help you with our buildings and home contents insurance. These policies are comprehensive, super cheap, and are geared to protect you from the financial consequences of rain damage to your home and all the lovely stuff you put into it.

Get a quote and join our kingdom today.


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