Website keyword determination example and keyword distribution strategy

Regarding how to determine the keyword of the website, the author published an article yesterday: Determining good keywords is the soul of doing SEO. How to determine the keywords of the website?

Today I am an example way to tell you how to determine the keyword of the website.

As we all know, before doing the website SEO, make sure that the keywords of the website are the soul and guiding ideology of SEO. So, how should we determine the keywords in actual combat?

Selection and distribution of keywords

This is a teaching institution specializing in network marketing, new media marketing, SEO, website construction, Taobao shop training. At the beginning, we determined that the main business is network marketing training, while others such as new media marketing, SEO, etc. are secondary business. Therefore, the selection of core words is “network marketing training”, and other words are secondary words.

In the selection of core words, there are many similar words to network marketing training, which may become core words, such as: network promotion training, network marketing course training, network operation training, etc., then why do we choose network marketing training as the key Words? First: check the Baidu index of related words, you search Baidu index in Baidu, and then view the Baidu index of these candidate words on the Baidu index page, with the highest index word as the core word. These core words are words placed on the front page of the website. However, the more words on the homepage, the worse it is to do SEO. The recommended maximum is no more than three. We have chosen two words: network marketing training and online marketing. The reason for not choosing three words is that the number of words in the title is limited. If one is long, it is not good for ranking. Second, the attraction of the title is not good

Secondary keyword optimization

Then, the secondary keywords include those remaining in the core keyword selection, as well as our other business projects such as: SEO training, new media training, video marketing training, etc., these words are placed on the relevant course introduction page. . For example, a general enterprise, assuming that he is a garment factory, the core words of the homepage may be words such as “clothing production” and “clothing wholesale”, and his product classifications such as pants production, shirt production, T-shirt wholesale, etc. are secondary. The key words are. It is better for companies to choose core words and secondary keywords. The general secondary keywords are the categories of products.

If the company has a third-level category, then it is his third-level keyword, which is placed on the introduction page of this category. And we have no third-level category in Xinchuan Education, so we have not done it, and the rest is to make long-tailed words.

The long tail word suggests that you download some keyword mining tools. I prefer to use the Golden Flower Webmaster tool. When mining long tail words, you only need to input the core words. The Golden Flower Webmaster tool will automatically help you to mine a large number of long tails. word. Of course, for corporate websites, the name of the product is also a long tail, and these long tail words should be distributed on the product details introduction page or corporate news, tutorials and other pages. Note that the long tail words are deeper web pages, and the weight of these pages is relatively low, so it is strongly recommended that you only make one long end word on a web page, so that ranking can be made easier.
Long tail word promotion

At the same time, we can also use the high-weight webpages to promote the network, such as 58 city, Sina and other news websites. We can post promotional articles on these websites, do long tail keywords, and do not understand SEO. The technical person only needs to deal with the following two aspects:

The keyword appears in the title of the published article and is located at the beginning of the sentence. If possible, repeat the long tail word one or two times in the title, but the statement must be kept fluent so as not to be judged as superimposed keywords by the search engine. The title should rely on your own writing skills to attract as much attention as possible;

In the body of the article, a large number of keywords appear, but the statement must be fluent, can not affect the user’s reading experience, and some keywords are bolded and tilted, but note that the bold and tilt functions can be used up to two times. Yes.

At the beginning and end of the article, one or two of your keywords must appear, and when the article is published, those project categories can use the list as much as possible;

This is our actual SEO keyword determination and layout method, the core keywords of Xinchuan Education: network marketing training, network marketing course training, etc., ranking the top five of any search engine home page, secondary keywords such as: new media training, video marketing Training, self-media training, SEM training, SEO training, website construction training, Taobao training, etc. are ranked in the top five of Google’s homepage.

This article is used as a previous article: Determining good keywords, is the soul of SEO, how to determine the keywords of the website? It is hoped that it will be helpful for those who are learning SEO. At the same time, thank you for your attention. Your concern is the motivation for me to continue to write down. thank you all.