Website title creation of how seo content is written

 The important thing is to fill in the content of the website, that is, the article update of the website. The layout keyword in the online article is a skill question. When we update the article, we should pay attention to the writing of the content title, whether it is the title of the website or the article. Headline, today we talk about the rules.

First, how to choose keywords

How to choose this keyword, how to determine this keyword, many in the tool to find keywords with higher keyword index. Then search for the keyword Baidu to view the keywords on the Baidu homepage.

Second, the density of keywords

A lot of good keywords, it is very likely that the density of keywords is very high. In order to make the keywords have secrets in the article, the keyword density is natural. The article optimizes the percentage of keywords in the article. You will find that such keywords can be found in Baidu gets a higher ranking. But still have to do, the article is naturally readable

Third, the beginning and end of the article

When we read, Chinese teachers often teach us to make end-to-end responses at the beginning and end of the article. Although it was not a keyword at the time, we should still have a corresponding keyword layout at the beginning and end. But the density of keywords is not absolute.

Fourth, the article center thought

This is also like we are writing an article, the end of the beginning is good (seo optimization keyword). But the content is not very good, can not guarantee the consistency and readability of the article. Therefore, in the case of Baidu, this article will be judged as spam, so the keyword is naturally invalid.

5. Keyword split

Attempts to reduce the number of words in the word center distance to be segmented can also be considered as a keyword change. This method works for keyword groups. In addition to the keyword “optimized article”, of course, in addition to being presented in this way, when presenting keywords in a split manner, it is still necessary to ensure that the keywords are split. Close, it is also possible to split the red “Website Optimization Article” approach.

For the article, the layout of the keywords is also very important, the keywords can not say more or more, that is, the density of the keywords has been mentioned to achieve natural, readability. As long as the search engine and user’s search habits can really achieve good keyword ranking, it is natural to achieve drainage.