What are the factors that affect the rapid inclusion of the website?

Most webmasters will find out why their frequently updated content is not included in search engines. Even if they write near the original original, it is not easy to include. In fact, you can’t simply ask to include website content. All aspects of the site should also find a correct way. What should he do? Let’s take a look:

1. How often is the website updated? This will have an impact on the weight of your website. Some webmasters don’t know the frequency of updates and the inclusion of websites. For stable and updated websites, search engine spiders will visit the site regularly. If you want to include website content in search engine spiders, you must ensure that your website updates the website regularly and quantitatively. Website content.

2, the website code, which is related to the number of websites, which will also have an impact. General webmasters will use CSS styles to create their own websites. I think this would be better, but it will use a lot of code. When a spider visits a website, you will see a lot of CSS styles to retrieve it, delaying its time, and perhaps this possibility exists. If you don’t retrieve the updated content of the website, you won’t be eager to make it. Therefore, the website code also affects the inclusion of the content of the website. Try to call an external CSS style sheet using code. You can greatly reduce spider time, so you can easily capture what the site updates every day.

3, high quality new content, motor spider crawls many websites every day, of course, content does not count, but you need new and high quality content, instead of copying duplicate content, if it is such content, of course, it will not be included Inside. Therefore, the content of the website update is also one of the main contents. It is original and readable. This is high quality content, whether it’s a search engine spider or a user.

4, the number of websites is weighted, which also affects the website. On the one hand, the high weight of the website is particularly easy to receive. The same article is placed on different websites and contains different times, so the weighted website is also the main one. At the same time, the website’s H1 tag and H2 tag will also affect the weight of the site. In addition, the application of the website’s H1 and H2 tags is also very important. At the same time, the H1 tag must be set as a website keyword, and keywords related to the content of the website article must be set, which is more conducive to spider crawling and observing search engines.

The above is the way to collect the website, but before these points, the stability of the website server is also very important. Webmasters must consider it before optimizing the site. All websites want to be optimized, server instability is versatile, and low-quality servers can’t be found to save money, just like the foundation of a stable house.