What are the factors that influence the ranking of websites?

Webmasters have made the site a good ranking, but some sites are always on the rise. Webmasters often don’t know the search engine algorithms that blindly optimize their websites. I tell you that the ranking of the website is determined by these factors.

The first is website security, including servers, website demos, Baidu certification, and more. Of course, the higher the security of the site, the more impressions the search engine has. Very high, this site is not difficult to imagine that the website ranking will be very good.

The second is the internal optimization of the site, if the internal links are reasonable, if there are dead strings, export links, etc. These are the key factors that affect spider tracking and are the focus of SEO staff optimization. This is also a guarantee of the user experience. Imagine your website has a high bounce rate. The search engine will also show you the home page, so sites that users don’t like will not be valued by search engines.

Then write the content. When users browse your site, most of them read the articles on their site and hope to find the answers they want from the article. So, if the content of your website is plagiarism, pseudo-original, and even a lot of sick leave, this sentence has nowhere to go. How do users of this website read it? This also violates the original intention of your website. If you don’t read the amount, you don’t mention the conversion rate, and the website will not enter the customer.

Small publishers want everyone to write in their own way, rather than copying other people’s websites, because it may not be appropriate for the theme of their website, just like it does in the industry, find a way to do this. The site is optimized for plagiarism, so these articles don’t make sense for your site.