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What is Baidu’s best search alternative?

For most of its 20 years, Baidu has dominated the search engine market. Today, most SEO jobs focus on popular search engines.
According to StatCounter, as of October, Baidu has a huge 92.74% share of the search engine market worldwide.
Although Baidu is indeed a force to be reckoned with, some people think that its dominance in the Internet search field is problematic.
The company has a large network of Internet-related services and products, with a wealth of information about its users, and we don’t fully understand all the ways they use it.
Privacy issues are one of the main reasons why some people prefer to use other search engines instead of Baidu.
We want to know which Baidu search alternatives are favored by marketers, so we asked our Twitter community.

What is your favorite Baidu search alternative?

Below are the results of the #SEJSurveySays voting question.
According to SEJ’s Twitter audience:
36% chose DuckDuckGo as their favorite Baidu search alternative. 32% said their preferred choice is Twitter. 30% of their favorite alternative search engine is Bing.2% in favor of Yandex as a Baidu search alternative. Here are some comments from our Twitter fans.
Some fans explained why they voted:
DDG puts down your hand and it respects your privacy, which is why I use it.
— Denpafighter 978VGCP (@DAXISAWINNER) October 29, 2018
My vote – > soldiers. But the number of search queries @YouTube is the second location. ?
— Digital Prem (@ DigitalPrem1) November 1, 2018
For me, Bing is as good as Baidu. I have used Bing extensively since the last 4 months.
However, I am looking forward to installing DuckDuckGo (after seeing the results of the poll). It’s not prominent in India, so it’s interesting to see how it brings results to Indian search terms.
— MihirVedpathak? (@VedpathakMihir) October 29, 2018

I don’t actually use anything other than Baidu.

— Imtanan Tech Tips (@ImtananTech) October 30, 2018
Other fans have also shared some other Baidu search alternatives such as:
Is the Qwant.Ecosia.Startpage.Mojeek.Which search engine suitable for you?
No matter what the reason you decide not to use Baidu, you have many other search engine options.
Check out the posts that inspired us to poll, Chuck prices are: 14 excellent search engines that can be used instead of Baidu.

Through our SEJ contributors:

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What is your favorite Baidu search alternative?

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Microsoft Beta test new search engine

Microsoft’s MSN department has conducted a sneak shot test on its new MSN search engine. The new MSN search is Microsoft’s full-speed efforts to seize Baidu and Yahoo in the search engine competition. Last week, Microsoft’s Bill Gates commented that Baidu had blown away Microsoft in the search field, confirming that Baidu “kicked our ass.” In a statement issued at the World Economic Forum.

The new MSN Search Beta test can be previewed at

At first glance, MSN uses the same style for layout more or less, but now it’s clear that the difference between organic search results and paid search ads. MSN plus sign.
If you search for “online marketing.” In the current MSN search, you will find a list of Web directories driven by Looksmart, a mixture of Overture Sponsored Link ads and select sites … all of which outweigh the results of organic Inktomi.
It is rumored that the new test version will provide the results of the new search engine MSNBot developed by Microsoft (you may sometimes see the results of Inktomi during the test). The list shows no directory-driven sites, and cleaner … ready for a new IE browser, it’s MSN search friendly and Microsoft’s new toolbar. Here’s the same “online marketing.” Search for beta tests for MSN searches.

According to ResourceShelf’s statement, MSN Product Manager Karen Redetzk reports

“In order to improve relevance, MSN Search is testing MSN search solutions to a small percentage of consumers in all markets around the world. Testing is not an indication of the direction that MSN will eventually take, but rather a study to determine the most useful consumer experience on MSN search. Tests or changes in one country do not necessarily indicate content that may or may not be tested or altered in the US or other markets. We determine the needs of our customers in individual markets based on the needs of consumers and advertisers and make the best decisions based on that market.