What is cheating super chain–Thunderstorm algorithm 2.0

I remember that in 2012, Baidu released an algorithm update for the trap superchain – release date: October 23, 2012 10:30, author – Baidu network search anti-cheating team’s content is as follows:

Dear users, webmaster friends, Hello everyone!

Recently, our comprehensive analysis of data, users and comments from high quality webmasters will update the Baidu anti-trap algorithm again. This time updated the Baidu system algorithm, the main purpose of the attack is to manipulate the search results Baidu website ranking behavior by deceiving the hyperlink. This includes deliberate manipulation of any links to expensive or linked websites that are exported from your website. Operating these links can affect the quality of Baidu search results and compromise the user experience. At the same time, it also harms the interests of many webmasters and diligent circulation, leading to the unhealthy development of the Internet ecosystem. Some interest groups are being exploited. Long-term interest We hope that through the update of this algorithm, we can achieve two practical purposes: to further reduce the damage to the user experience caused by this behavior; second, to maintain the interest of webmasters, and strive to establish a site, so that the main focus is to establish a website. content. Deliberate manipulation of specific attacks includes the following examples:

Spending money to buy or sell can add so-called weighted links to websites;

Cross-chains created by creating a large number of useless pages or sites;

Use the program machine to send a large number of groups on the website, such as web2.0, to point to your website link;

Add hidden links to high quality websites by scanning for website vulnerabilities;

Exchange does not recommend links, etc.
According to our own evaluation and user research, the update of the algorithm will increase the keyword search experience by 3%~4%, and the accuracy of the algorithm will reach a fairly high level, but the damage is still not ruled out. Unexpected individual. If you are sure that your website is not being handled properly, please reply to Baidu’s webmaster complaint. Although we can’t answer them one by one, each online comment will be carefully analyzed and the results will be reflected in the next update.

At the same time, we will have more strategies to deceive the hyperlink in the near future. Ask webmasters to focus more on adding quality content to the Internet. We will continue to combat any deceptive behavior designed to manipulate search engine rankings while maintaining the user experience and the interests of most quality webmasters. Listening to the user’s voice and increasing communication with the webmaster, such as recent links, black chain and other comments by webmasters, we will be further identified in the next month or two. We believe that as long as we continue to provide high quality content to our users, if we want to know if this is good for our visitors, not just search engines, users will definitely appreciate us. After that, thank the webmaster user and the friend who posted a comment to us.

Through an explanation of the previous superchain traps and superchain malicious manufacturing traps mentioned in the Thunder 2.0 algorithm, the overview shows that Baidu has improved the score chain and the friend chain in the ranking, as well as a large number of malicious manufacturing traps. The Thunderbolt 2.0 algorithm is used to process and combat this superchain. In the past two years, the frequency update algorithm Baidu has increased a lot compared to previous years. It shows that the standardization and supervision of Baidu in the search market has greatly increased. Xiaobian reminds webmasters that they must strictly follow the Baidu algorithm. Optimize the site, otherwise, the Baidu algorithm will be affected and it is not worth losing it.