Sun. Nov 1st, 2020

keyword density of the website

For the density of keywords, many webmaster friends can say that the setting is between 2% and 8%! So is this range really correct? Let’s talk about how to calculate the threshold for keyword density!

What is the appropriate keyword density for our website?

For many keyword density ranges (2%-8%), webmasters know this interval In fact, setting it to this interval also avoids over-optimization. But do we really have to control this interval?

In fact, if you are a cautious webmaster, you will find that there are many sites, the keyword density is not high at all   even bad! But there is still a good ranking, so how do they set it up? When we look closely, it’s easy to see that they can’t optimize certain words, but they’re doing a lot of long tail keywords. The location of each keyword is very reasonable! Although the keyword density is poor or low, the ranking will be very good.
keyword density

Second, how to calculate the keyword density threshold?

For the keyword density threshold, in fact, each word is different – but we set the keyword density better, more reasonable   then still have a good help for our keyword ranking ~ then the keyword density should How to calculate its threshold?

Calculation method:

  1.  Count the top 20 websites in the search keywords, and count the keyword density of each website;
  2.   Find the average of the keyword density of 20 websites. We can then set the keyword density of the site based on this average.

These are some of the questions we have about keyword density. If you need more information about SEO combat skills, please continue to follow our website and continue to update more SEO skills.

The role of the inner page in website optimization

In fact, to optimize column pages, customizing column pages is relatively easy when the home page optimization is complete. About optimizing your column page, we mainly divide it into three aspects with you.
keyword density

The direction of designing the site section. It mainly covers the following three aspects:

Development trend. Regarding the development trend, this mainly means that SEOER must perform the corresponding task according to the position of the column.
For example, column pages exist as columns, so the development direction is the column direction. If you use the “Columns” page as a Product Display Column for comprehensive product information, you will consider the general direction of the site.

Design direction. Regarding the design trend, the key point is to firmly understand the position of the keywords according to the specific keywords and follow the keyword extension.
Improve the trend. About the direction of improvement, different types of site improvement differ. For example, on a corporate site, a long-tail keyword should be used in this column because it will affect the subsequent development of the site. If this is a portal, it is recommended to improve the homepage optimization trend.
keyword density

Column improvement:

Mainly includes heads, page designs, inner strings, outer chain and so on.

  1. Website address design. In the title, you can add keywords, addresses and related descriptions. If you think about it from the site’s point of view, you can only create a valid title during the design process, allow the search engine to crawl automatically, and then display it automatically.
  2.  page design. First, the page should be designed for graphics and sound effects. Second, the page content is real. If you have video content, be sure to play it easy. In addition, we can add some additions to share the layers and do anything. The page source can also be enhanced with these sources.
  3. Control of the inner chain. For SMEs, the SEO Forum contains no more than 10 recommendations and no more than 20 recommendations. In particular, you can refer to the Baidu Encyclopedia link layout.
  4. control the Friends series. Regarding Friendship China, you can link to an industry controlled website with a controlled quantity.

Structural design of some pages:

About structural design, it is mainly divided into one page and gate.

  1. one page when designing a page, highlighting the main content and linking to related pages. In the design process, you can use two columns, mainly one column and one column.
  2. the portal category. It is suggested that these sites fit into the style of the home page and be tuned using different design templates.
keyword density keyword density