What is the reason for the low inclusion of the website in the station?

What is the reason for the low inclusion of the website in the station?

After many webmasters did a good job on the site, they encountered the site because they didn’t rank well due to inclusion issues. As a result, all past efforts have been abandoned. It’s really a shame for webmasters to learn more about search engine optimization before creating a website, so the only way to create a quality website that is valued by search engines.

First, improve project quality and control engine recovery

A good website needs a good server and domain name, but in addition we need higher quality content. Premium content may be small in our lives, or may share experiences in our daily work, or some important notices, which can be posted on your website in the form of articles. Many webmasters feel that this article has no content to write, Xiaobian does not believe, a word change, the truth is the same, just what the language of the person who wrote it expresses.

Second, optimize the internal links of the site to facilitate spider tracking

Those who have been doing SEO know that internal optimization links are just as important as external links. Since link internal optimization can promote website inclusion, it can also improve the user experience, increase website PV and reduce bounce rate, and improve keyword ranking. Therefore, we need to create a complete site map, which can contain all content pages, which may cause search engine spiders to crawl the site pages, and also generate anchor text annotations, because the engine search does not know the code, only through the text description . You can understand the meaning of our website code.

Third, make a 404 page to prevent spiders from crawling links


We often encounter a situation where our page does not exist. At this point, we must tell the visitor that we recommend configuring the feature 404 page, which not only increases the user experience, but also prevents the site from failing to link. Because when an article page does not exist, but appears in the search engine index library, then the search engine will climb to the death link, if a large number of links die, then the site’s inclusion will also be affected.

Correctly present four long tail keywords


We not only write articles for search engines, but more importantly, users navigate and access our website for the purpose of conversion rate. Therefore, we must wholeheartedly show our products to users and solve user problems, so there will naturally be many changes in the website.
Xiaobian reminds webmasters that we write articles not to instill search engines, but to convert rates and transactions. Therefore, when we write an article, we cannot be a real and practical thing that is beneficial to users. I don’t think it’s important for users to reject the article.