What should I do if the website has a high bounce rate?

In this way, we can do website optimization, attracting website traffic is the purpose of our website, so how to prevent website customers from jumping off the building. We can use Baidu statistics so you can see where your website traffic comes from. From there you can see which pages have a high bounce rate, as long as the site jumps, only high and low. The problem is a normal value within a certain range. And some websites will be higher, so how to reduce the customer output of the website?

First, increase the loading speed

Most sites cannot access this issue, some sites are just unstable while others are just loading longer. In any case, if you can’t open the site quickly, the customer bounce will increase. Time is money, and customers have a high perception of time. A website is too slow, which is a waste of time and money for them, it will close the website directly. The site quits shortly after it opens, which increases the bounce rate. The company itself should not make this mistake and cannot control the loading time of the website to lose customers. There are many influencing factors, including server issues, code issues, and functional issues. If you notice this when you start creating your site, you can alleviate this by choosing quality considerations and using simple programming code.

Second, the configuration error page

Sometimes, when you open a web page, you’ll see a 404 error message, or even a hint of another number indicating that there is a problem with the page or that the original content has been deleted. In this case, most people will choose to close. This error page appears on the site because the company did not pre-configure it when it made the site. Most companies don’t have this knowledge. They don’t know much about websites and don’t know how to do it. Don’t panic when this page appears, go to the website company configuration, configuration is just a technical issue. But if it is not configured, the jump is reasonable. Losing customers and feeling uncomfortable with the site can affect many aspects of the company. Therefore, knowing the advance configuration in advance can avoid this error and can also reduce customer hops.

Third, start related information

Check out some websites, such as the bottom of news or low-end products, with relevant content. Just like guessing that you like related products, everything is based on the current content of customer navigation. These companies have no reason to add such columns at the bottom to improve customer browsing time. After reading the information on the website, they can use other content to attract your interest and let them click. Just like when you go shopping or swiping a blog, the bottom always provides relevant information, attracts us a lot, and then browses. Extending the customer’s stay time at the station is very effective in reducing the jump speed. Therefore, considering these columns when making a website is good for the company’s development.

Just lowering the bounce rate of your site will bring more quality users to your site. The above is the station cloud Xiaobai. I hope that some ideas can help you optimize.