What should I pay attention to in the website keyword layout?

The design of website keywords during the optimization process is a very important task. In general, we must first understand the central keywords of the website in the website keyword design. Then, we can get a lot of words related to the core keywords by extending the core keywords. So how do you simplify the design of keywords on your website? We will explain it to the next genius writing Xiaobai.

1. The keyword design of the website page cannot exceed three words, which can highlight the theme of the page and avoid the influence of Baidu on the title.

2, try not to engage in internal competition, generally try not to appear the same keyword on each keyword design page. Some webmasters think that the same word is optimized with multiple pages, and it is more likely to get a ranking. In fact, this is a misunderstanding and will only cause unnecessary internal competition. No matter how many pages you create for the same keyword, search engines can only select relevant pages in front of the book. By using more pages instead of internal weights and anchor text effects, no single page might stand out.

3, keyword design can also reflect the laying of content. From the design of the keywords, we can see that the content that the website hopes to plan and write is mainly determined by the Keyword Research Institute. Each section organizes content for a clear set of keywords. Keyword research is completed in detail, and there is no problem with content planning. Content editing departments can continually create content based on keyword lists, making the site bigger and stronger. While site size is not directly related to a particular keyword ranking, the more content, the more links and ranking opportunities are created.

The above points are summarized in the Yun Yun Xiaobai site, considering the keyword design of the website, I hope to bring some help to everyone.