What you need to do once you’re insured

Right, so you’ve joined our kingdom. You’ve got the king’s royal car insurance for your baby and you’re loving the fact that your premiums are hilariously cheap. You might think that that’s it. There’s nothing more to do be said or done, but you’d be wrong.

Not to sound creepy or anything, but in fact, there’s a little more to it. Before you imagine that we plan on holding up a stereo outside your bedroom window (if you don’t get this reference, then just nod and know that it’s romantic and that we’re old) rest assured. We don’t plan on stalking you or getting you to signs forms and constantly confirm little details.

However, there just a few things that you’re responsible for after you’ve gotten your cover.

Make sure that your car is roadworthy

It’s not only important for your safety on the road, but actually… If you have an accident and your car isn’t roadworthy, your claim will be rejected. The Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance has informed us that neglected tyres and braking systems are the most frequent causes of claims being rejected, so it’s crucial for you to do your part and get your car into a roadworthy condition.

Tell us the truth and nothing but the truth

When things happen in your life that are related to the details that you gave us when you first got your royal cover with the king, then you need to update us. You see, while we don’t need to know about your growing ceramic kitten collection (although if you want to call us up and tell us then please do), we do need to know if you’ve moved or changed your banking details. Basically, anything that you told us when you took out your cover.

Apart from the fact that it might impact the premium that you pay, not knowing the most up-to-date info about you or your car could be grounds for your claim to be rejected.

Pay your premiums on time, every time

Did you know that 1 of the main reasons that insurers reject claims is because of unpaid premiums? Yup, even in our kingdom there are claims that the king has had to sorrowfully reject because of premiums that haven’t been paid for several months in a row. While we do what’s right and give every 1 in our kingdom a chance to pay and get their premiums up-to-date, it does happen that there are some people who haven’t been able to keep up.

If you ever find yourself in this position, please just chat to us. Let’s work together to see how we can resolve the situation. Remember, we’re there for you.

Being a good person

This is rather important. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you don’t drive recklessly or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Just be a good person and drive in the safest way possible, not just as part of your contract with us but as a good human being.

Follow the rules

There’s 1 last thing that you need to do as part of your relationship with us, and that’s to follow the rules of your policy. We’ve made sure to keep the rules as simple as possible and have written them out in your policy docs in plain English. Make sure that you give them a good read to find out if there’s anything that you need to do.

Got anything you’d like to chat to us about? Click here to get in touch. We’d love to take your call or even call you back.


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