What’s culture got to do with your business

Our kingdom’s home to all types of people, from all the proverbial walks of life, working in all types of different areas to bring you the king’s super cheap, super amazing insurance.

Our company is so diverse and yet, we mesh together quite well. That’s because our kingdom has its own culture that celebrates who we are as individuals and brings us together under 1 royal banner to serve you. In fact, the culture in our kingdom is 1 of the main driving forces behind how King Price went from a start-up to a 990-person, R4.5 billion company in just 7 years.

What? You want to know precisely why company culture is so important? Right then. Company culture is important for a couple reasons. For the worker bees, it helps with employee engagement, happiness, and retention. For employers, it underpins the blueprints for a thriving business. Ultimately, your culture is the constant force in your business, regardless of what the economy is doing. So, in our kingdom we know that even if things take a little dive, there’ll still be ping pong tables, putt-putt greens, jukeboxes, dress-up days, cool tech toys, bright and energising décor, incentives, and free popcorn and slushies. It motivates us to get in the door and do our best every day.

Does your company have a culture?

Just so you know, a company always has a culture, whether you’ve built 1 or not. Seriously, even if you haven’t spent time cultivating a great culture that serves your company’s purpose, your business will have 1. It might be like an unruly toddler that does its own thing… But it definitely exists, which is why you need to have a hand in developing it.

Whenever some 1 new joins our kingdom, they’re taken on a journey to fit in with our royal culture so that they can do what we do best… Which is helping you get affordable insurance and manage all the needs that you might have. Even if that means chatting to you because you’re having a bad day.

The king himself has been quoted saying that we’ll always value people over profit and we know that he’s talking about alllllll people, from the clients and cleaners to the consultants and marketers, and every 1 in between.

Company culture affects:

  • Employee health and happiness.
  • Employee engagement.
  • Employee retention.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Internal communication.
  • Business growth.
  • It even impacts your reputation. Companies with toxic cultures have dreadful productivity levels and profit losses because (surprise, surprise) people talk. Your clients will find out how you treat your people and will probably take their business elsewhere if they find out that you’re not so nice.

Ultimately, creating a great company culture sets the stage for your success and drives this success forward.

How can you build a better company culture?

We’re so glad you asked, because we’ve created culture days where you can spend time with our culture experts. We’ll give you the lowdown on what culture means and the different culture models and processes. You also discover how to merge, align, and measure culture, what it means to establish an adaptive culture, and (what you’ve been waiting for) how to create your own unique culture.

Culture days also include:

  • A tour: Check out our kingdom to see our flawsome culture in action.
  • Nourishment: Free lunch, popcorn, and slushies.
  • A take-away: A King Price happy bag to go home with you.
  • Priceless knowledge: Gideon Galloway, Marno Boshoff and more experts are going to impart all sorts of gems.

There’s another culture day taking place on 6 November 2019 and spots are limited, so if you’d like to get intentional about building a better company culture then click here to book your spot and learn more.

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