Wheelset website keyword allocation layout

The purpose of the company website is to make its website rank very well. Therefore, many webmasters are considering how to rank websites. Most webmasters think that the more keywords they make, the better. The index should also be high, and some webmasters believe that keywords should be broad and cover a large area. There is no problem. If there are a lot of words to do on the website, what should I do? We will analyze it for you.

First, the webmaster should know that the more keywords there are on the site, the more the keywords are displayed, so the weight of the site is also affected. The more words on the site, the more words you write in the title, and the design of the keywords will not be completed. Then we should look for a method of distribution.

First, we can place keywords in the description. Many optimizers only focus on the title when assigning keywords, so if there are too many keywords on the site, you can’t write them? In fact, when a user searches for a keyword, the description can also participate in the match, so we can reasonably write keywords that cannot be written in the description during optimization. This is a method.

Second, if you find that writing is not enough when assigning keywords, what should you do? First, we must consider the allocation of web pages and the article pages on the web page. I think many webmasters will ignore this technique. Because of the column page and article page, you can think of it as a website because it can have its own TDK and can participate in algorithm matching. Why do many large websites have a lot of traffic? Your title? No, his title is really very aerodynamic. Because most of your traffic sources are headline ratings for internal pages. A lot of internal pages are like dividing a site into countless pages, so users can more easily search your site and make it difficult to search.

The last esoteric writing Xiaobai summed up a lot, some webmaster friends may still not understand, Xiaobai in this summary, if the keywords on your website are too much, we can choose to optimize by two methods, one It is by describing the match, and the other is to promote the coincidence between the partial page and the article page.