Where to find files on CompuServe

Where to find files on CompuServe

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You can find interesting files in just about any CompuServe forum library. Some libraries, however, have more and better files than others.

Surfing for software

Table 9.1 lists some of the best places to look for cool software. Remember, though, that you can find good software in just about any forum. You just have to look for it!

Table 9.1 Good places to find software on CompuServe

Area Go Command Comments
Berkeley Systems GO ADWIN User-developed After Dark screen savers (in the Berkeley Systems section of the file libraries)
Desktop Publishing Forum GO DTPFORUM Fonts, clip art, and DTP utilities
Epic Mega games Forum GO EPICFORUM Action-packed shareware games
Hot Games Download Area GO HOTGAMES the hottest PC games available for Downloading
IBM Applications Forum GO IBMAPP Shareware and freeware programs
IBM Communications Forum GO IBMCOM Communications programs and utilities
IBM New Users Forum GO IBMNEW “Starter” and entertainment files and Programs
IBM Systems Utilities forum Go IBMSYS Utilities for operating systems
Internet Resources Forum Go inetres Tools and software for internet users
Where to find files on CompuServe

Grazing for graphics

CompuServe has dozens of libraries and forums that specialize in graphics files that you can either view online or download to your PC. Of course, you might be asking what you can do with it once you’ve got it. Well, in addition to just looking at them, you can import CompuServe graphics into your own graphics program or even into your word processor or page layout program.

Because most graphics forums specialize in specific types of graphics, it’s simply a matter of finding the forum that carries the type of pictures you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for current news photos, try Reuter News Pictures Forum (GO NEWSPI). On the other hand, if you’re looking for sexy models, try the Glamour Graphics Forum (GO GLAMOUR). You get the picture.

CompuServe offers an online tutorial to help you learn about graphics and CompuServe’s graphics forums. GO GRAPHICS to access this tutorial from the main Graphics menu.

The majority of CompuServe’s graphics resources are centralized in the Go Graphics area (GO GRAPHICS). As you can see in Fig. 9.1, Go Graphics lists all the major graphics-related forums, points out monthly highlights, and even.

Freeware, shareware, and commercial software

The software you find on CompuServe is not quite the same type of software you find in your local computer software store. For one thing, it’s free… kind of.
There are typically two kinds of software available on CompuServe. The first is called freeware because you can download it completely free of charge. You don’t have to pay anybody anything to use this software. Most of these programs are developed by interested users; out of the good¬ness of their hearts, they make them available through CompuServe at no charge.
Some freeware is also public domain software. That means that, because the copyright is public property, you can copy and modify the program freely. However, the copyright for other freeware programs remains with the developer; in those cases, you are not free to modify the program without the consent of the developer.

Another type of program that’s available on CompuServe is classified as shareware. This type of program is freely distributed for evaluation purposes only. If you like and decide to use the program, you are supposed to send the developer a registration fee. Naturally, there’s no way to monitor you, but some shareware programs quit working after a specified length of time if they’re not officially registered.
The kind of software you find at retail stores, normal commercial software, is generally unavailable on CompuServe and other online services because there is no way to collect money when software is distributed online. So if you want the latest version of Word or Excel, CompuServe isn’t the place to look. You’ll have to go to your local shopping center!

has a “featured image” for your viewing pleasure. Go Graphics is probably the best place to start your graphics voyage through CompuServe.

You can find graphics in many forums in addition to the Go Graphics area. The following list names some of CompuServe’s more popular graphics forums and gives examples of what you can expect to find in each one. This should give you a head start toward finding the pictures you need.

Because of the nudity in many of these graphics forums, you may want to restrict access to them if you have younger CompuServers in your household. See Chapter 4 for details.

  • Archive Photos Forum (GO ARCHIVE) specializes in historical images.
  • Computer Art Forum (GO COMART) features computer-generated images.
  • Fine Art Forum (GO FINEARTS) is chock full of images of famous paintings, pictures, and sculptures.
  • Glamour Graphics Forum (GO GLAMOUR) contains thousands of model and fashion photographs, like the one shown in Fig. 9.2. (Note that this forum contains some graphics that are not suitable for children.)
  • Graphics Corner (GO CORNER) offers photographic-quality scanned images of various sorts.
  • Graphics Gallery Forum (GO GALLERY) features scanned images from organizations such as the Smithsonian Institute, NASA, and the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Graphics Plus Forum (GO GRAPHPLUS) features high-resolution true color images in JPG, TIFF, and EPS formats. Images in this forum are the highest-resolution you can find on CompuServe.

CAUTION While you can view most of these images from within
CompuServe, other programs might not contain viewers that support some of these high-resolution formats. It’s also possible that your computer/ monitor may not be capable of displaying these images at their true resolution.

  • Graphics Showcase (GO GRFSHOW) offers a showcase of the collec-
    tions of individual contributors to CompuServe’s graphics forums.
  • Human Form Photo Forum (GO PHOTOHUMAN) contains photographs of the human form, including swimsuit and lingerie photos. (Note: some adult-only content.)
  • Photography Forum (GO PHOTOFORUM) is a repository of thousands
    of photographs from both professional and amateur photographers.
  • Quick Pictures Forum (GO QPICS) is stocked with plenty of low-resolution artwork and clip art.
  • Reuter News Pictures Forum (GO NEWSPI) functions as the primary online source for news photographs from Reuters and other news services.

The News Pictures forum, like most graphics forums, includes
Images that are copyrighted by their creators. In general, you’re free to lift these images for your own personal use, but you’re not licensed to repro¬duce them in a professional publication. Ask for more details in the indi¬vidual forums.

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