Why can I see the obvious effect on website optimization?

Why can’t I see the obvious effect on website optimization?

Many people don’t see good results in terms of website optimization. In this case, many webmasters should find it, but can’t always fix it. Many companies want to rank keywords after the site is built. They want to attract website traffic by creating some keywords to attract website traffic. So why does optimization not see obvious results? The next excellent Yun Xiaobai explained why.
Many customers want to optimize and very few keywords are executed after the page is launched but is it really like that? The answer is obviously unacceptable. In other cases, keywords are very competitive and it is difficult to make a home page. Therefore, Xiaobian suggested that it can make longer words, which can also bring some traffic to the website.

Second, the website user experience may not be very good.

The goal of our optimization is to let customers know about your business and click on your website, but users will enter and if they want to keep them, they must observe the user experience of the site. If the keywords on your site are ranked well, but the site is not very happy with the overall design or layout, then the user will definitely close the page immediately. Therefore, companies must consider their user experience when making websites.

Third, the website quality is not good

For website building, many companies will choose a few hundred dollars to create a website, and then they will use this website to optimize the ranking of keywords. The updated content will also be copied and pasted directly from other locations. Ranking such keywords on a website is not possible.
Why is your website malfunctioning? The above is the reason why the excellent station Yun Xiaobai wants to analyze, I hope to help you optimize.

How to write articles in the station is more conducive to SEO website optimization

For today’s people, they already know that if you want to optimize the website, it is seo, then the website must constantly update the original article, and then, for some novices, they may opportunistically use some articles to pseudo-original numbers. Obviously, this method is not advisable, because now you can say that the search engine is stupid to extract valuable information from the article, or it is said to be a combination of artificial intelligence, it will extract information according to the established program, so it has more Items with large similarities have no advantage. So how do you write to help us with SEO optimization?

First of all, no matter what information in the article, we must ensure its readability, which means that no matter what industry articles, we are writing the premise that more people know about these products, gossip entertainment, so we aim at a large number of readers , so reading is more important. Secondly, when writing the title, we must guarantee its novelty, that is, after people see it, there is a desire to see it and attract the search engine. Then we must learn to be good at summing up, because if it starts out beautifully, then it can’t stop, it’s easy to appear, so the abstract is also the way search engines like it.