Why do corporate websites do SEO

Why do corporate websites do SEO?

Why should an enterprise website do SEO (search engine optimization)? What is the significance of the enterprise website doing SEO? First of all, a question of reverse argument, why are companies reluctant to do SEO?

SEO is unstable, and there is a chance of failure. Enterprises are reluctant to invest in venture capital.

Second, SEO is slow to achieve results, which may take a few months, or it may take a year or two, too long.

  1. The cost of early SEO is relatively high, and it is necessary to pay labor costs and uncertain expenses.

My sister is a salesperson who is responsible for the company’s domestic and foreign business. Their promotion method is 100% paid (advertising). Once I chat with her and talked about SEO, her eyes are full of doubts. In her view, especially in the eyes of the boss, SEO is equivalent to deceiving. They would rather spend a lot of money on advertising and would not believe SEO.

SEO has shortcomings that cannot be denied. However, the advantages of SEO are also worthy of attention. As a qualified company, without the support of SEO, the lost value is incalculable. So, back to the original question, why does the company Do SEO?

SEO can bring long-term value and long-term benefits to enterprises. This kind of long-term return cannot be achieved by SEM (advertising promotion). After all, advertising promotion is a payment model. Payment is effective, and non-payment is invalid. And the advertising costs are controlled by the advertising company, the advertising company can freely increase the price, the enterprise can only be subject to the advertising company, without any right to speak.

Second, SEO can save a lot of expenses in the late stage, and there is almost no maintenance cost. I have to admit that the early stage of SEO is time-consuming and laborious, and there is a certain degree of uncertainty.

SEO can improve the image and trust of corporate letters. Some users attach great importance to the natural ranking of websites in search engines. If a website is ranked through advertising promotion, they will look at this website with skepticism. , It is very likely to abandon the purchase of products and services of this website because of “ad ranking”, and lose some users.

Summary: Enterprise SEO is very important. SEO not only brings traffic to the enterprise but also enhances the corporate image.