Will changes to website keywords affect rankings?

The important place for website optimization is the keyword chosen by the website, but many friends should pay attention to the choice of keywords and the changes of the website, because the transfer of keywords directly affects the ranking of the website. Website, the next station excellent Yun Xiaobai explains how to modify to minimize the ranking.

1. Reduce keywords

For sites that want to reduce their keywords, they won’t affect the site or affect other keyword categories, but they may have an impact on the keywords that are subtracted. If the subtracted keyword competition is very small, the ranking has little effect. If the subtracted keywords are relatively competitive and do not appear in the description, the ranking of the website will have a greater impact. So don’t arbitrarily reduce your keywords unless you don’t want to rank them.

2. Add keywords

If a site wants to add some keywords, it affects other keywords on the site weight, so adding keywords will cause the keyword’s position to float. However, if the aggregated keyword and the existing keyword are mutually reinforcing, the impact will not be significant.

3. Replace keywords

Replacing some highly relevant keywords will have an impact on previous keyword rankings, and replacement keywords will rank faster. If the keyword is modified to be more consistent with the content of the site, not only will the ranking not decrease, but it will increase rapidly. If there is no relevance, this keyword substitution will basically lower the keyword ranking. However, there are still many keyword substitutions because many webmasters don’t understand SEO and often make some changes to the site. I can’t move and say how I change the title. The ranking of my website has disappeared.

Changes to certain website keywords have an impact on the website. The above points are the ways in which Xiaobian can be minimized. I hope to help everyone.